BitcoinMeet Safely

Bitcoin Meet is an online introduction tool for adults 18+; in some ways similar to a dating website, in other ways similar to online buy/sell or classified ads. Your safety is increased by planning ahead and considering what precautions suit your specific situation. Before planning to meet with a person for the first time, it is important to email back-and-forth or spend some time on the phone to confirm the suitability and purpose of your meet.

When communicating by email and telephone:
  • Use an email address set-up for the purpose, that has no personal info (like your full name) in the address.
  • Use only a first name, or a nickname in the From field of your outgoing messages.
  • Disabling call-display features on your phone calls further shields your identity.
  • Stop communicating with anyone who tries to pressure or trick you into revealing personal or financial information.
When meeting someone for the first time:
  • Keep a phone on you in case of emergency.
  • It is best to meet in a public place, like a cafe, in daylight.
  • Avoid secluded areas and don't invite strangers into your home.
  • Tell a friend or family where and when you are going on a meet and, if appropriate, have them join you.
  • Don't share personal information (like where you live/work, etc.) that isn't relevant to your meet.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. You don't want to impair your judgement with someone you don't know well.
  • Follow your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or anything seems suspicious, end the meet and go.
Above all, exercise both caution, and common sense. Beware of urgency or pressure. Beware of last-minute changes to a planned meet's location or other details. Be mindful of scammers. Using Bitcoin doesn't provide immunity to common scams; in fact, the use of Bitcoin may present opportunity for new and novel scams. So plan ahead, take precautions and trust your instincts. Bitcoin meet safely.